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About us Detective agency "CONRAD"


 Detective Agency "Conrad"

          Detective Agency ”KONRAD” carries out the activity both on territory of Kiev and Kievan area and on all Ukraine, and also in the world.

Our private investigators are members of the IPA (International Police Association (IPA)





        The presence of extensive foreign relations with existing private detectives and detective agencies in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia can remotely resolve many problems of our clients, and, if necessary - for our detectives to travel to these countries.

         Our team consists of highly qualified specialists: private detectives, forensic experts, experienced operational staff, graphology, psychologists. All high-level professionals who are honest and decent people whose job-assistance in solving your problems, search out even the most difficult circumstances. Prevention of dangerous situations related to the conduct of monitoring you. Collecting information on business partners. Tracing of missing persons as relatives and heirs.

        Profession detective, thanks to the creativity of many writers and filmmakers, surrounded by a considerable aura of romance. But in real life is often all quite different. Detective Services in our country - is primarily a routine and laborious, and often dangerous work to ensure your safety.

       What would a private detective services were as efficient as possible, to trust him to be not less than a personal physician, the more so that the guarantee of confidentiality of client information for any self-respecting detective - the law. Yes and safety of very young children - just taking care of our detective agency. We know that nannies, maids and governesses are often abused the trust of employers. We help identify violations, including by technical means, with every secret will be immediately apparent. Activities of the detective agency is confidential - it is for us the question of honor and professionalism. By contacting us with any problems, you can be assured that our experts will do their best to help you.

            Detectives our agency are ready to provide your security and protection in all situations of life. Our range of services is wide enough: it's business security (prevention of theft, checks partners, verification of personnel, maintenance of valuable cargo, representing your interests in the arbitration, advocacy and much more), protecting private and family life. We can help you establish a history of your potential bride, than protect you from all kinds of marriage scams and fraud. Services Detective parents may be to establish a circle of contacts of children to prevent involvement in drug abuse, criminal activity or too early sexual relations. And in the case of a teenager to escape from the house, a private detective will prompt parents to help with his recovery and return. In cases prescribed by law, we work closely with law enforcement authorities.