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Detective agency in the city of Borshchev

The team of our detective agency in the city of Borshchev, Ternopil Oblast, is a meeting of former law enforcement officers who decided to continue their activities, but in a slightly different way. However, we make maximum use of all our experience gained in the past in public service. That practice in government is one of the conditions for employment in our agency. This condition is necessary to maximize the results in an investigation. And this is the reason for our success in the private investigation market. Therefore, you can be sure that no matter what problems you contact us, only experienced specialists will deal with your issue.

Is your jealousy justified?

There is not a single person who at least once in his life would not feel a sense of jealousy. But if some people are able to cope with their emotions, realizing that they have no foundation, then others immediately begin to sort things out and blame the soul mate for all conceivable and unimaginable sins. But we are of the opinion that no matter what feelings and emotions you feel, it is better to find out the truth before than to begin to sort things out. Moreover, if your soulmate is absolutely not to blame for anything, then you are unlikely to believe this answer. And at the same time, it is very likely that your relationship will break simply because of your mistrust. Therefore, if you began to suspect that your wife had a lover, then the right decision would be to contact our detective agency in the city of Borshchev, Ternopil region. Indeed, in this case no one will know about your suspicions, except for our specialists, whose main task will be to identify adultery and confirm or refute your suspicions. And if during an external observation it becomes clear that your other half is faithful to you, then you can simply forget about it, as about your own misunderstanding. But also if it turns out that your wife really has a lover and she did not pass the test for loyalty, you will have strong evidence and grounds to file for a divorce and at the same time use the services of our lawyer.

Our help to your business

But most often, legal assistance from our side is used by entrepreneurs and heads of large companies. Moreover, you can contact us even in cases where you have your own legal department or security service. Thus, you will be able to double-check the competence of your lawyers, as well as more deeply examine the documents and conduct an audit of potential partners. You can also order from us a collection of information about those companies with which you only plan to work, but are not yet sure of their reliability. Moreover, corporate espionage is very developed today. And you constantly need to keep your finger on the pulse, periodically checking your premises to identify listening devices. However, the search for bugs in this direction is not the only tool. It is also important to pay no less attention to employees, among whom may be spies. Therefore, in addition to detecting wiretaps of mobile phones, we recommend conducting periodic checks on the polygraph of the entire team. But you can also use a lie detector to carry out other investigations if there is any emergency in your company.

Search for people by the data provided

Is it worth it to contact a detective agency if it is a matter of finding relatives who are missing? Of course, it is necessary to use our resources to search for people, even if you have already submitted an application to law enforcement agencies. It will require close cooperation with you, because a lot will depend on the database that you provide to us so that we can find a person by name or phone number.

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