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Chernіgіvska region

Private detective in the Chernіgіvski region

Detective Agency "Conrad" that is situated in the Chernіgіvski region, every day gets a lot of applications. Residents of Ukraine addressed with a variety of reasons - one needs to search for relatives or friends, someone needs surveillance of a person, someone - the collection of information.
Whatever the reason for treatment, a private detective agency "Conrad" is always there to help! We have extensive experience in solving various cases, help in those matters in which the police can not help.

For example, not in the competence of law enforcement agencies is the identification of betrayal of her husband or wife. According to statistics, in so many married couples at least one partner has a love connection "on the side." How to find out whether the changes the husband (wife)? You can certainly hold its own investigation, but it can not succeed - no special training or tools of covert surveillance does not pretend to be very difficult.
Adultery is detected very quickly, if appropriate to the work of professional detectives. They are using the skills of covert surveillance, arrange surveillance of wife, husband, taking interesting moments on camera. Photos and video surveillance will be the best proof of adultery, which can provide the client.
If there was a betrayal of women, in a time when she and her lover will spend time together, the detective will make pictures that will later be given to her husband. Serve on a divorce, whether to allow the situation peacefully - to solve it, our task is to discover the truth. Betrayal of her husband - a serious offense, which means only one thing - the woman does not value relationships.
Test of loyalty, of course, can be arranged with respect to men. External surveillance will help them to find out it really has a mistress, and, if so, who she is.

We may also collect information about a particular person, a kind of record that will help learn all about it. Our spies will investigate, gather all necessary information about the object of observation. We can not only learn the facts of man's biography, using available sources, but also to find out the number of databases of phone numbers of people or find the address on the phone. A complete dossier, compiled by our experts, you will hit its completeness and accuracy.

Detective Agency "Conrad", which is the location - Chernivtsi region, and also engaged in searching for people. If you've ever lost touch with relatives or loved ones, we are ready to help in her recovery. Tracing people are true professionals, on account of which have already found a lot of people. They are able to search, even with minimal information. Find people by name - for them a common thing, so they can find someone by phone number.
If you need our help to find a relative or friend to us, we are able to find a man by the name of and only, but the more information you provide, the faster and more efficient to search.

We have the best modern equipment that we order from the leading manufacturers in Europe. With it, the work becomes more productive and operational.
One of the innovations that are in demand among our customers, is a system-antiproslushka, which can accurately detect the installed listening devices in the room.
Check the room to identify the listening device - an extremely important event for those who are afraid of leaks. Many firms, competitors, for example, have resorted to unfair tactics to find out what's next for opponents and beat them. Bugs - are miniature devices that can be installed anywhere, they are difficult to detect with the naked eye, it defines them, our antiproslushka. She finds each hidden bug, and our experts will immediately neutralize it, the search takes a little time.
But not only by setting the beetle can be an important and sensitive information. Wire mobile and fixed phones are also very popular with cybercriminals. Detect wiretapping of mobile phones will also help our experts are carefully studying your devices.

We also have a lie detector - best device to date, indicating the truthfulness of a person. Polygraph Test - this is the best way to establish the truth in any situation!

Reside in Chernіgіvski region and the professionals you need help? Refer to the detective agency, "Conrad" - here to help you understand many unpleasant situations!