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Chernivtsi region

Chernivtsi region- detective agency

Many situations in life do not allow without the aid of professional detectives. But to find an agency which is not easy to take your money but also provide a qualitative result is not easy.
If you are looking for a reliable partner to help you solve any life situation, please contact Detective Agency "Conrad", located in the Chernihiv region.
Find people by name, find out whether there was cheating husband or wife, to find the hidden bugs - these and more can fulfill our private detectives. Contact us, we do not make promises, but give the result!

The detective is able to provide for your safety. "How?" - You ask. For example, we can detect listening devices in any room with a special device. Our antiproslushka accurately determines the location of the bugs, and experts neutralize them.
Checking the premises to identify the listening device is carried out with the use of modern technology, which ensures complete cleaning premises from unwanted devices. Information leakage can cost a lot, especially if someone managed to capture confidential information.
Bug - a tiny device monitoring, is not the only way to acquire information. Attackers often install spyware special in-patient and in particular mobile phones. Detect wiretapping professionals to help mobile phone detective agency "Conrad", located in the Chernihiv region. We investigate the phone and, if necessary, to relieve them from the built-in spyware programs.
Search for bugs and spyware detection does not take much time, but can keep you from leaking sensitive information.

You need to take a lie detector to determine the veracity of the words of a man? We are ready to provide you with a new type of lie detector, which ensures 100% accuracy of the lie. Polygraph Testing is deservedly famous, because with its help even the most skilled liar can be put on clean water.

Find people by name and other data as available, detectives carried out fairly quickly, using all available sources of information. If you've lost touch with relatives or another person, you want to find him, we can help you! Searching for people is the responsibility of the detective agency "Conrad", located in the Chernihiv region, we have successfully completed many cases the search for missing people at one time.
We have more than one database, we use various sources of information to find the man. Search for relatives and friends will take less time if you provide as much detailed information about them. Detective Agency "Conrad", which addresses all the Chernihiv region, of course, can work with minimal information, but the more information we have, the more likely a successful outcome of the operation.
In addition, we may collect information about the person you are interested. If you need high quality files from professional detectives, we are ready to help you! Information of different nature will be made available by us. For example, we can find someone by phone number or find the address on the phone to find out about what the object of observation than is keen and so on. Database address or a phone person will find no difficulty, and our professional spies conduct surveillance and gather all the necessary data.

Besides, we also deal with "family matters". Often, one spouse is suspected that he had a rival. A lover or a mistress - a good reason to file for divorce, betrayal is ready to forgive not everyone. Test of loyalty with our detectives will help determine whether or not adultery is no significant threat to marriage.
How is the test of loyalty? At that time, which, as you think your spouse (or your spouse) spends his mistress (lover), our investigator will conduct an investigation and find out what the object of observation. Surveillance of a person is well-trained professionals who know how to be invisible. To fix the results of tracking used photos, video surveillance, the materials which will be provided to the customer inquiry.

Identification of betrayals of her husband, the wife will be so that the object of observation did not suspect. Surveillance of his wife, the husband is gently applied the best technique for shooting, providing the possibility of strong approximation. In addition, can be put under surveillance on the phone, if you think you a lover or mistress may write or call to him. Later, on the phone database of people, we can establish the identity of the caller and provide the information you found.

Refer to the detective agency, "Conrad," we are pleased for you!