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Dnipropetrovsk region

Private detective in the Dnipropetrovsk region from the detective agency "KONRAD"

Private detective in the Dnipropetrovsk region from the detective agency "KONRAD"Do you want to conduct an investigation led by the professionals? Find out what the police will not do? Learn the truth about your family, friends, colleagues, whatever it was? Detective agency can help you with this.
We conduct investigations in the Dnipropetrovsk region, engaged in a variety of things that always completes a specific answer to a question addressed to us the client, for example: Change the husband or not? Where a child is lost after school? What happens in an office in the absence of the owner?
These and many similar questions do not give sleep, our detective agency will give you a sound sleep by conducting a thorough investigation on your issue. There are several common situations in particular, who are willing to allow our clients, perhaps, among these goals, and your treatment there.

Identification of betrayals of her husband (wife)
Your spouse is often delayed until late at night after work, and you are unsure about what, where and with whom he had "worked"? Your wife goes to a meeting with an unknown friend, and you think that with a new friend? Surveillance of a person - this is a service of the agency, which will allow you no longer doubt the honesty of actions of your husband or wife, if the investigation will be revealed adultery, secret meetings will be filmed on camera for the presentation of your evidence. Photos and video surveillance of "loving couple" will allow you to establish themselves in their guesses, and put his unfaithful wife or husband spree before the fact, without the possibility of acquittal.
In cases where such verification is carried out of loyalty and betrayal turns out men or women, does not always follow a divorce - if a new love interest have only mild intrigue, family relations can be resumed.

Surveillance of telephone
Phone today - the most popular means of communication. It is one way of finding a husband or wife's infidelity, so the investigation can not always be carried out without the use of special tactics. Surveillance for the wife or husband should be as neat, invisible to the object.
If you find a phone number with whom you suspect you are changing, we can help find a person by phone number, find address by phone. Thus, you will be able to resolve the situation, going directly to the opponent (or rival).

Surveillance of a person may need not only to detect infidelity, but also for many other purposes. For example, if you want to find out where your child is delayed after school, not whether he was contacted by a bad company, our detective agency "Conrad" will also be able to help.
Situations when you might need surveillance, quite a lot - this collection of information about the activities of employees who have gone "for" in the workplace, and finding honesty of others. Our spies will investigate carefully, so that he, for whom being watched, no suspects.

Detection proslushek
If you are a big business, where leaks can bring a lot of problems and large losses, you definitely need to take carePrivate detective in the Dnipropetrovsk region from the detective agency "KONRAD" of security and privacy. We will help you locate cell phone wiretaps, bugs, set enemies and competitors. Bug can be installed anywhere, even in the feast presented to you the gifts, so check the identification of a listening device should be held regularly. Our specialist will come with a special expensive specialized equipment that allows you to quickly and accurately locate hidden electronic devices - antiproslushka our company has never failed!

The search for people
You are desperate to find a man, because the police believed it hopeless? Or want to restore the old ties with the people you dear? We carry out search of people who disappeared many years ago, and many of them find success.
In most cases, need to search for people by name - the database and other methods, we use the latest technology to help in the search.
We search relatives, separated from his family many years ago, you can find them by name, even if it was changed, or any other data.
Our detective agency will try to gather as much information about the missing, verify wherever possible - check the phone database of people, addresses, and so on.

Lie-detector test
Of course, like any self-respecting detective agency, we have a lie detector, pass a test in which each can. Polygraph Test - this is an unbiased answer to the question: is lying or not. To cheat the lie detector is almost impossible, so the results obtained with its help, you can believe it.

The area of ??our work - Dnipropetrovsk region, as well as other areas of Ukraine. Contact the agency "Conrad", if you need professional help detectives in solving problems!