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If the smartphone started quickly discharged, there may be a "bug"

Who and what orders a Lypove alibi 

WE come up with an alibi for the money. But as you can see, all clients require a passport. Check your fake. Then write the data and conclude a deal. 

The cheapest alibi is $ 250. This, for example, to get a document or confirm the presence of the client images to meet friends. The most expensive cost in the order of 9-10 thousand dollars. This amount includes travel, attracting actors, renting of premises and other expenses.

Men asked HIM to invent an alibi. Like, walking all weekend and is afraid that his wife accuse of treason. We came up with the excuse - was fishing. Mounted his photos with friends by the river with a fishing rod. It turned out later that in fact had no alibi for his wife. He stole money from the safe at work. Before you turned off the alarm, scratched around the keyhole door, worked as a master key, and ran away. Issued 300 thousand dollars. 
Most customers alibi - the faint of heart. They lack the courage to tell the truth. Konspiruyutsya. Often falsely creates insecurity. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED alibi Book THROUGH adultery. If a person calls us, therefore, to her family - is important. When it comes to the future of the family, sweet lie is better than the bitter truth. 
One businessman went to his mistress in the Crimea. Wife, partner in the firm, said there he had a business meeting with clients alarms. They sell them. When he returned to Kyiv, the woman began questioning the details of the meeting. The man started to get confused. His wife was his suspect. Then he turned to us. We went by car to the Crimea, rented rooms for business conferences. Found actors that played like businessmen. I had to ring up and real business customers spouses, to persuade them to participate in psevdokonferentsiyi. All it took off and vmontuvaly footage from her husband. The wife believed. 

Females rarely seek alibi. They do, how to, cheated. Often asked to spy on her husband. One ordered see where it goes after the pious work - began often delayed. We went to a brothel - it vchaschav there. They told the woman, and she "looks like a stone from his shoulders. Okay, not a mistress." 

ONE YEOne client WEEK shirked work. When dialed, the handset will not accept. And he worked in solid printing company. He has thought to drive out for absenteeism. We pidlashtuvaly as if he had to immediately go to a wedding to the city - the invitation came too late. Even printed his name on this man. Vmontuvaly face customer in the wedding picture on the background of St. George. Our hacker did this e-mail, both kliyentovoho boss. Notable only two letters at the end. Pidlashtuvaly supposedly this box persons previously sent a letter to the chief, which explains why not come to work. When finally met the chief said that he is dead phone. Showed wedding invitations, photographs of the young. Then - send a letter. Chief noticed that the email address is different in two letters. I thought that the employee was wrong. And forgive.  

Men asked DELETE RECORD ON surveillance cameras at the restaurant near Kiev. He was there with his mistress and his wife said he. And do not believe it and wanted to go there. We agreed with the client that we take $ 200 for current expenses 200 - for work. Gave $ 50 for four waiters to erase the video and silent. My wife visited a customer in the restaurant checked it all calmed down. Her husband then decided we did not pay. He said that he owed ??nothing. We took revenge. 
FEMALE PARENTS her husband's most trusted friends. 

IF one spouse carry the phone in the apartment, SO hiding something. Perhaps changes. 

ONE YEAR AGO Advertisers ordered an alibi for the time when traveled to another city to its former classmate. My wife said, sitting at work, for working with the chief of an important project. Prince Oleg name. Advertisers gave the woman his phone number - actually mine. If his wife will call, I will play the boss Oleg. Can not escape it. 

Sometimes Alibi asks to buy time. Kyiv person had to bring in Kharkov 100 thousand dollars. He lost them in the casino. Asked to come up with a good reason for the delay of money. We staged it a broken leg, left plaster photographed. Partners agreed to wait a week. During this time, the entrepreneur sold his cottage and returned amount. 

Spying is becoming more widespread IN UKRAINE. Wealthy people hire our experts to verify housing for the "bugs". Sometimes, they are mounted in smartphones. If you started quickly run down - there may be a "bug." What the customer wants to cover up some crime, and the police can inform.

Magazine "Craina" by Vladimir MUKAN, photo Taras Podolyany.