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Detective Agency. Private detective in the Kiev region.

Detective Agency. Private detective in the Kiev region.
Resourceful and ingenious detective, detectives careful - it's not action-hero books, but real-life professionals who dedicate themselves to the beloved. Our detective agency brings together the best experts who are able to understand the very complicated situation, to learn whether adultery, whether in your office bugs and so on. Detective Agency in Kiev region will help you in many matters that can not be resolved on their own or with the help of the police.

Nothing lasts forever, and trust - as well. Identification of betrayals husband or wife - one of the most common work detective agency, verification of loyalty by means of surveillance. Surveillance for the wife, husband can find out whether an affair with a stranger and record evidence if cheating husband or wife still has a place.
If you think your spouse cheating on you, the photo and video surveillance will confirm your guesses or dispel them. If the husband or wife will be spending time with another person, our agent zasnimet all this and you will be able to present evidence. Was it a betrayal and a woman discovering her lover, there is a mistress of a man - we will be able to answer these questions by conducting its own investigation.

Detective Agency. Private detective in the Kiev region.Check for integrity
Your company was leaked? Do you feel that people are not honest with you, and learn the truth must at any cost? We are ready to provide you with modern equipment for the truth - the lie detector. With it you can find accurate information, check Polygraph has never failed, because you can not cheat.
If you suspect that someone from competitors or subordinates put the bug in your office, we can help to detect eavesdropping. This tiny device can be installed anywhere - you can not suspect the presence of listening while important and sensitive data will go to third parties. Checking the premises to identify the listening device is made quickly enough, all bugs are removed. Antiproslushka, which will arrive our staff can conduct a thorough search for and establish the location of all listening devices. In addition, we can detect tapping of mobile phones - through the means of communication can leak a lot of information. Surveillance of the phone can lead to undesirable consequences for you and your company's results.

Detective Agency. Private detective in the Kiev region.The search for people
Long-lost connection can be restored if owning at least some information about the person. Kyiv region is large enough in it, as in other regions of Ukraine, is home to so many people, and among this set, we help find a single right person. We search for the names of people - a large number of surnames is not a hindrance to the successful completion of the search. Find people by name, perhaps, the easiest procedure, because usually there is some other data that, and perhaps find among the many namesakes of the individual. We carry out search and near relatives and friends, finding that the police did not do. Databases residents of each region is constantly updated, so we can find people in different parts of the country.
In addition, we can help you find a person by phone number. We searched the databases of phone numbers of people that exist in the public domain, perform the collection of information about the person. In addition, we have the opportunity to learn the address on the phone. Details of the person by phone number may be needed, for example, if you are threatened by a stranger, or you want to compile a dossier on a certain person with whom you've spent talking on the phone.

Private detective agency "Conrad" will help to understand many issues to resolve and clarify any situation. If you find yourself in a difficult situation when you do not know who to trust, contact the detective agency to find out the truth about their loved one, business partner, friend. We will provide you with professional assistance in the city of Kiev, investigate, so that the object of observation did not notice.