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Kirovohrad region

"Conrad" - the leader of the detective service in Kirovograd region.

"Conrad" - the leader of the detective service in Kirovograd region.As a central part of Ukraine, Kirovohrad region is a kind of "bridge" between East and West Ukraine. The high rail traffic and transport, as well as increased migration of people provide work for detective agencies in the region. The search for people and freight transport are the most popular services of a detective agency "Conrad" in Kirovograd and Kirovograd region. Depending on the situation, people search is carried out in areas such as the search for relatives, the databases of people and phone search for people by last name. The database allows the agency to quickly find a person by name, at which point he would be in Ukraine may be, find the address on the phone and find someone by phone number.

Search goods are usually fraught with complex investigations. In the course of their information is collected, used surveillance, photo, video surveillance, and sometimes have to resort to such methods as checking Polygraph, better known under the name "lie detector".

"Conrad" - the leader of the detective service in Kirovograd region.Statistics show that the loss of cargo or other industrial property in 80% of the cases is the result of industrial espionage or the dishonesty of employees of enterprises. Spies in the modern enterprise - is not uncommon, and the detective agency, "Conrad" strongly recommends that all managers regularly inspect staff. However, do not forget about other dirty methods of competition - to check the premises to detect listening device must be carried out at the slightest suspicion of a possible leak of information. Obscure bug, hidden from human sight can be the beginning of the collapse of your business. The appearance of the characteristic noise in the device context: scratches, noise, etc. can talk about what he heard. Detective Agency "Conrad" will help to detect eavesdropping of mobile phones, fixed phones and neutralize them, so that .. antiproslushka, after which the phone conversation a person can be made without any restrictions.

However, from the private detective agency, "Conrad" also gets a lot of orders. Far from the last such service is to check for fidelity. Kirovograd - a large city, and "word of mouth" is not always able to quickly convey information about what the spouse (or spouse) changes. The true state of affairs is able to find a private detective, and as soon as possible. Indeed, in its arsenal a variety of techniques: surveillance, photo, video surveillance, surveillance of telephone surveillance of a person (wife, husband) - with this approach to identify infidelity of her husband or wife does not leave any chance to last. No matter how careful was not his wife, cheating husband will be declassified, and the lover - found. Information obtained from the agency provide an opportunity to make her husband the most favorable divorce, adultery woman who had been the cause. The same is true betrayal of her husband.