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Lugansk region

The specificity of the detective agency, "Conrad" in the Luhansk region.

The specificity of the detective agency, "Conrad" in the Luhansk region.Lugansk - one of the largest industrial cities in Ukraine. The population of Lugansk has about half a million people, the lion's share of which settled here in the 70 - 80 years, arriving from other republics of the Soviet Union. The reason for this move is the discovery at that time in Lugansk and Lugansk region, and new factories. And, as often happens, some families have lost contact with their family and friends, old friends and comrades who live in other countries or cities. To restore the lost connection to Ukraine to find by name, by the name of old friends and relatives will be able to detective agency. It wanted the people is the main focus of the agency "Conrad", providing services such as search relatives search for people by name, the databases of phone numbers of people the opportunity to find someone on the phone and address on the phone. Allows you to implement these services as soon as possible the agency "Conrad" a vast database of over Ukraine.

Agency "Conrad" could help solve one more, this time is quite sensitive, the problem of which name is - adultery. If you are concerned about the question whether the changes you spouse, you are at a loss to know where to turn for help, a private detective to find out as soon as possible the true state of affairs. To solve this problem detective agency has resorted to various methods: surveillance of telephone surveillance of a person (wife, husband), photo and video monitoring and surveillance. Thus, identification of high treason husband or wife will be significant, because such a professional collection of information allows us to provide a detailed report on the work done to confirm the presence (or, at best, disprove) the facts. Modern means of surveillance will ensure that, if you still have your other half has a lover or a mistress, as my husband would not have conspired, it will be exposed, and vice versa, no matter how concealed wife, cheating husband will be declassified. Such data will give you the opportunity to make the most favorable divorce, adultery is a woman or a man was the cause.

The specificity of the detective agency, "Conrad" in the Luhansk region.Well, to prevent such a situation, the agency "Conrad" included in the list of our services click "Check for loyalty." This service will help determine in advance whether your passion is inclined to treachery. The results can be a major factor in the decision about a possible future together.
Like any other industrial city, Lugansk has many large and small companies, which sometimes occur a variety of unpleasant situations. One of these cases is the theft of staff property, securities, etc. What can help detective agency, and in what cases? Detective Agency "Conrad" could help identify the guilty employee, using the so-called "lie detector" (or Polygraph test).

Another common situation is for companies - it is a struggle with rival firms, which often are not afraid of nothing, that among the personnel of the enterprise may be spies. With this kind of tasks the agency, "Conrad" also handles brilliantly - search for "mishandled Cossack" is usually very little time. It happens that the competing firms reach such dirty and illegal methods, such as listening to what is happening in the territory of a rival from the device with the familiar to us, thanks to foreign blockbusters, the name - "bug". "Bugs" can be installed anywhere, so is a complete check of the premises to identify the listening device and check the basic communication tools that allow wiretapping to detect mobile phones, fixed phones, internal radio links, etc. If you find that listening devices still there, then telephone conversation a person can again be carried out without fear of leakage of information only after the introduction of such a device, "antidote" as antiproslushka.