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Lviv Region

Private Detective - Lviv region.
In the Lviv region has a detective agency, "Conrad", which has helped many people in Ukraine. What can help our detective agency? For example, to search for relatives or friends to find out whether there was cheating women or men, to find and eliminate bugs, install, is there for your observation - this range of capabilities the agency does not end there. If you want your life situation worked real professionals and dot all the «i», refer to the agency, "Conrad", working in the Lviv region and in other regions of Ukraine.

Residents of Ukraine come to us with a variety of requests. Among them, the request is not uncommon to find out whether there was adultery, whether the wife's lover or husband - lover. Usually such complaints is only circumstantial reasons - delayed after work, corresponding with someone on the phone or the Internet, and so on - check yourself to see if the husband or wife, is far from everything, and then just need help private detective.
Identification of betrayals of her husband, a wife - the case that you want to trust the professional detectives. If the object observation learns that he is under surveillance, then the work may be ineffective - the lovers can not meet for some time, or choose the places for meetings, where to see and take pictures of them will not be possible.
If the husband or wife is cheating on her husband - his wife, we'll go into it professionally, leaving at the end of the proof of guilt or innocence. Photos and video surveillance, which carries out a private detective, will be the best evidentiary material on which you can ask for a divorce - not everyone will be able to forgive infidelity.
Test of loyalty, above all, allows you to save the relationship. After all, baseless accusations can destroy even the strongest family, couple, suspicion and innuendo are the worst enemies of the family.

But the man under surveillance can be conducted not only in order to determine whether the changes to her husband's wife or husband to his wife. Surveillance for the wife or husband - this is only a fraction of our customers' orders. Many are worried about where their child is delayed after school - because he can get into bad company and bad habits to acquire. There are many other situations that require surveillance, but one goal - to find out the truth about what does this or that person.
In addition, many executives are turning to us with a request to see how employees use work phones. Surveillance of the phone with the help of special software to be installed with the permission of his superiors, makes it possible to trace both outgoing calls and incoming. Tracking the phone company will not spend money on employee conversations, which are not conducted on business issues.

Checking the premises to identify the listening device - one of the services of our detective agency. Companies that care about the safety of confidential data, conduct such tests all the time, to eliminate the possibility of information leakage. Perhaps spies from competing firms set up in your office bug, which you do not suspect, and all your conversations overheard by someone! Our specialist will find wiretapping of mobile phones, as well as bugs, using special expensive equipment. Our antiproslushka works flawlessly, detecting all hidden devices.

If you need to find someone by phone number or name, we can help. Find people by name can be made, wherever they are - the database will help people find phone in any city. Telephone base is in the public domain, so we can quickly find by name or number you want your man.
Tracing people - this is the direction of our detective agency, which enjoys a noticeable demand from citizens. Many want to restore the lost connection once, and we are happy to help them do this. By phone database of people with other sources we find out where the person. Find the address on the phone for us as it is not difficult, so we can give you the exact coordinates to find a lost relative or friend. We make the collection of information about it and present it to you.

Of course, we have a lie detector, through which you can find out the truth from anyone. Polygraph Testing is perhaps the most infallible method of identification lies, therefore, when lie accepted as the truth can be very expensive, people are turning to us for help.

Detective Agency "Conrad", the territory of which - the city of Lviv, Lviv region of Ukraine and other areas are always at your service!