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Mykolaiv region

He scope of the detective agency, "Conrad" in Mykolaiv region.

He scope of the detective agency, "Conrad" in Mykolaiv region.Nikolaev - a fairly large city with a developed infrastructure, the center of the Mykolaiv region. Its population is about half a million inhabitants. In Nikolayev, as in any large city and readily dissolve in a crowd, or lose sight of an important person. Of course, the abundance of various means of communication in today's world has largely eliminated the problem with communication to nothing, but what if you still have lost the opportunity to contact family, friends, or just of interest to you man? In this case, you should see a specialist in their field, which is the detective agency, "Conrad." Why not? First, the agency covers the scope of its activities is not only a regional center, but all of Mykolayiv region. Secondly, the search for people (whether they search for people by name, search for relatives, or search the databases of phone numbers of people) is the main specifics of the agency. So, if the information about the person you have is poor for self-searching, you can contact the detective agency, "Conrad" with a request to find a person by phone number, find by name and / or name, or find the address on the phone.

Another important component is the identification of the agency deyatlnosti betrayal of her husband or wife. Gathering information is made very quickly, and if infidelity has touched your family, you know it as soon as possible. The methods used by a private detective to get the facts can be very different - it might be spying for the man (husband, wife), surveillance, photo and video surveillance. In any case, if you want a divorce, cheating men or women will be confirmed by the facts of your request. If you suspect your spouse in the propensity to change, the agency "Conrad" could help solve the problem, dispelling doubts or completely convince you of willfully partner. To provide such a service using a "test of loyalty." Modifies a husband, there is a lover of his wife - to these questions you need answered by "Conrad."

He scope of the detective agency, "Conrad" in Mykolaiv region.But, in addition to family affairs, in Nikolayev may occur far more unpleasant things that require the intervention of specialists detective agency. Thus, due to the fact that in a very significant role played by metallurgy and mechanical engineering, in Nikolaev are many companies that periodically need to prevent the phenomenon of "industrial espionage". If you suspect that you have bred in the enterprise "spy" agency "Conrad" is ready to assist you in finding them. Searches can be performed using various means, some of whom are even checking Polygraph ("lie detector"). Thus, the "spy" will show up as soon as possible, but it is very important, because in his hands at any moment can be your design, technology or the same database. In addition, often in order to spy on competitors use methods such as surveillance of the phone or install listening devices ("bug") in the enterprise. If the agent falls to detect tapping of mobile phones, set "antiproslushka", by which a person becomes a telephone conversation secure. If the inspection of premises to detect listening device found bugs, there also will be deactivated.