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Sumy region

The activities of the detective agency "Conrad" in the Sumy region.

The activities of the detective agency "Conrad" in the Sumy region.The problems that people are turning to the detective agency, are very diverse. However, they can be classified into groups, and to trace the dependence of the popularity of a group of territorial and commercial value of some of Ukraine. For example, Sumy region, bordering with the Russian Federation, is characterized by frequent orders from the citizens of Russia in search of lost connections in the city of Sumy and Sumy region. The fact that the regions of Ukraine, neighboring with other countries are more prone to migration, going beyond the state. The search for people in order to restore the lost links and search for relatives, usually meant by a search for people by last name, and is the main service detective agency "Conrad."

Sometimes you need to find someone on the phone, and often - to find a named person in a completely different context, and rather unpleasant reason. It can be attributed to a service that falls under the category of "search debtors." This search, in the simplest case, reduces the need to find the address on the phone (the phone database of people) hiding from the creditor's rights, and in the complex when a search is fraught with failure of repayment, detective agency will assist in the return of the debt.

For one of the most popular services of detective agencies include the identification of betrayal of her husband (wife). If infidelity or suspicion of it and settled in your home - a private investigator will provide comprehensive information about the presence or lack of such in the shortest possible time. Does his wife's lover and a husband changes - the service "test of loyalty" detective agency "Conrad" will answer these questions. No matter how careful was not his wife, cheating husband will certainly viyavlena, and vice versa. For this purpose a variety of ways to get information, such as surveillance of a man (husband, wife), surveillance, as well as photo and video surveillance. If you have any prerequisites to apply for a divorce, a betrayal of women or men will be confirmed by the facts.

The activities of the detective agency "Conrad" in the Sumy region.Often, the detective agency appeal Sumy enterprises in order to combat industrial espionage - are embedded in the working group spies is not uncommon. Independent search of enemy agents in the enterprise with one hundred employees will take a lot of time and effort, and not the fact that during this time the company used design, technology or customer database will not fall into the hands of competitors. Detective Agency "Conrad" is able to carry out a quick search of spies, thereby preventing leakage of information. As one of the methods used for their identification checks Polygraph or "lie detector". Other common types of espionage is spying on the phone, placing listening devices known to modern movie called "bug". Bugs are located in areas most hidden from human eyes, and therefore to detect eavesdropping of mobile phones - is not the only function of the detective agency employees. Mandatory check of the premises will also be on the identification of a listening device. Only after spetsilnoy neutralize eavesdropping devices, called "antiproslushka" telephone conversation with the person 100% probability not reach the ears of competing firms.