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Ternopil region

The activities of the detective agency "Conrad" in the Ternopil region.

The activities of the detective agency "Conrad" in the Ternopil region.All we know or have heard of the phenomenon of labor migration. In our country, due to the unstable economic situation, the number of migrant workers, or simply as "guest workers", constantly growing - more and more compatriots rush overseas in search of a better life or quick money. Leading position in the number of migrants has always been a Western Ukraine, and the exception is not a Ternopil region and its center - the city of Ternopil. In 2011 almost one in ten able-bodied citizen of the Ternopil region is a labor migrant. On the earnings tribesmen and compatriots often come together to support each other and to provide all possible assistance. But on his return home, it happens that contact is lost, and find a man alone is not that easy, especially if you want to find someone by phone number or find by last name. To help in this case you will be able to detective agency, "Conrad", the main occupation of which is precisely the search for relatives and generally search for people. "Conrad" make every effort to quickly and efficiently search for people by name, the databases of phone numbers of people to find out the address on the phone.

Also, if you want to find out whether the changes you husband or wife, detective agency, "Conrad" will provide you with services such as surveillance of a person (wife, husband), photo and video observation or surveillance. A private detective will investigate such a way that (if still present adultery) Identification of betrayals of her husband must take place, or vice versa, no matter how concealed wife, cheating husband will be exposed, whether a lover in the city of Ternopil, or in the area. Also, a professional collection of information will help you with the reasoning, if you want to get a divorce, adultery woman or man must contribute to the decision in your favor.

But still, better to be safe in advance and not to draw hasty conclusions before the marriage. You to be confident in their half of the agency, "Conrad" also offers a service called "Test of loyalty." It will allow you to determine whether your partner is prone to change as such.

The activities of the detective agency "Conrad" in the Ternopil region.Since within the Ternopil region, and over 500 large and small industrial enterprises, residents may be interested in the question of how to be safe from such urgent threats of our time, as industrial espionage. In fact, it can happen so much interested in the competition your design, developments, database, or securities, or any other information that they can go to any fraud, in order to obtain the necessary information. Protect themselves from this difficult, but possible. If you report to the agency, "Conrad" on their suspicions about the loyalty to your company or a company employee, you will soon find out for sure whether there are spies in the state. Search for spyware by various methods, one of the most significant of these is to check the Polygraph or "lie detector". Also competing firms often use a method such as surveillance of a telephone, for which, in your phone can be built "bugs." But the bony plates may be introduced not only to the phone so professionals should perform a full scan to identify the premises listening device. If it is possible to detect mobile phones or tapping telephones, hospitals, members of "Conrad" worked "Operation antiproslushka" all the other listening devices will be eliminated. After that, any negotiations, and the telephone conversation a person will be absolutely safe.