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Detective Agency. Private detective in Kharkov region.

Detective Agency. Private detective in Kharkov region.
Looking for a reliable detective agency in Kharkov region, which will help to resolve any situation? Refer to the agency, "Conrad" - we have proven themselves as excellent professionals who have successfully completed a lot of cases. Under the leadership of our people wanted passed, many were found, the search for listening devices, in which were found hidden bugs, and many other operations, which we describe below.

Search people

Even the strong friendship can be lost due to disconnection. If the fate of separated you with your best friend or a friend, your lover or your lover, but you would like to find them again, we can help you! We search people by name - even today there are so many namesakes, to find a specific person by name is possible.
The database also allows the phone to find a lost person - lists all the registered subscribers are in each city. It is also possible to find a person by phone number.
Detective Agency "Conrad" also searches for relatives who once changed their place of residence. We need at least minimal information about the person to be able to find it.

Detective Agency. Private detective in Kharkov region.Verification of Allegiance

Many couples break up because of jealousy - it's all we know. Jealousy arises from the fact that the spouse can not be sure that there has been adultery - begin suspicions, quarrels, which do not always have, in fact, good reason.
Identification of betrayals husband or wife - one of the tasks that takes our detective agency. With the request to determine whether her husband is faithful, there is his wife's lover, turning often, because we are fulfilling our trusted business professional. Surveillance for the wife or husband goes unnoticed, so do not worry about what the object of observation will realize that he was being watched.
From you we need full information about the daily routine of man, for which you want to monitor. We will be invisible shadow of man, find out everything he does, not what you know.
Another option - if you suspect that a husband or wife is cheating on you, because in the evening leave of absence for any important meeting, you can assign a specific time of observation, we determine whether the absences are working in the evenings.
Betrayal of husband or wife will be fixed. We perform photo and video surveillance in order to present to you the proof of guilt or innocence. If a woman has been cheating, for example, she went out to dinner with another man, we zasnimem it and show you. Serve after a divorce - you decide, our task - to find out the truth.

Detective Agency. Private detective in Kharkov region.What if spying is for you?

Surveillance of a person today can be arranged in various ways. The first is, of course, surveillance. If you think someone is following you, someone is always watching you, our private detective could find out whether there is actually spying on those who organized it and for what purpose. Perhaps it spies you learn before you commit any crime.
Surveillance of telephone and enjoys popularity today - all of your confidential conversations can get into the wrong hands. Telephone recording may be the cause of blackmail, leaks of sensitive data, so to find wiretapping of mobile phones, as well as fixed phones, you need time.
Checking the premises to identify the listening device is carried out by our professionals - a special device-antiproslushka discovers all the hidden bugs in your home, office, car. After deactivation, found the bug will no longer be dangerous for you.
If you could find out who is spying on you or did you figure out number of attackers, we can get to them. For example, you can find the person you are interested in the databases of phone numbers of people, you can also find the address on the phone. Gathering information about the potential attacker will allow you to thoroughly prepare for a possible attack on his part.

In search of truth

Some people absolutely can not lie - their uncertainty and fear soon appear on the face. Others, however, lie so brilliantly that they themselves begin to believe their own lies.

Say unequivocally that there is truth and what is false, will only be able equipment, which impartially determine heart palpitations, and other changes in the body related to the fact that a person is lying.

Lie-detector test would not doubt that the person is telling the truth. Polygraph Testing exposes liars very quickly - to lie, so that the equipment had not noticed, it is impossible.

If you need someone passed a polygraph examination, please contact our detective agency!

If your place of residence - the city of Kharkov, Kharkov region, you can always contact our agency for help!