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Khmelnytsky region

Detective agency in Khmelnitsky region

Looking for a reliable detective agency, which will help to understand the confusing situation? Do not know where truth and falsehood, who is friend and who is foe? Refer to the agency, "Conrad" in Khmelnytsky region, here you will find a professional who can help you solve all the problems.
Most cases take different detectives, lead and search for relatives and friends, find out whether there was infidelity, establish if there are bugs in the office or home ... Be sure that the detectives will understand your situation and will bring it to the finish!

Among our services - surveillance, it may be necessary in some situations. For example, many parents living in the Khmelnitsky region, hire a detective so that he watched what the children after school, not whether he got into bad company. Surveillance of a person may be held as a test of loyalty. Where there are suspicions of betrayal of a spouse often takes detective work - it is conducting its own investigation, determines whether the change is actually a husband or wife. Surveillance of wife and husband is performed with the use of qualitative techniques for shooting photos and video monitor allows you to record evidence of infidelity of a spouse.
It may also be under surveillance for the phone, "suspect" spouse, lover or most of the time normally keep a mistress relationship is on it. Surveillance will be completely invisible, because the agency "Conrad" working professionals.
Identification of betrayals husband or wife begins by gathering information about the daily routine. It is important to know as much as possible about where and when is a person being monitored, than he usually does. Betrayal of husband or wife will be recorded on a photo and video camera, then to bring the material to the customer.
Betrayal of women or men - it can not forgive each. Therefore, to arrange a divorce because of the suspicion and speculation, ask for help from detectives, who have in their ranks Khmelnitsky region.

Detective Agency "Conrad" and take care of your safety. If necessary, they will check the premises and find out if someone is spying on you. Miniature listening devices - bugs, can hidden anywhere, is extremely difficult to detect them, but the harm they can bring enough. Checking facilities for the identification of listening devices is performed using the latest equipment - system-antiproslushka accurately determine the location of the hidden devices. Search for bugs did not take long, but it will save you from unwanted "ears."
Not only with the help of bugs you can audition. Detect wiretapping of mobile phones, fixed phones will also help our experts. Spies no longer be able to get the information they need, because all the listening devices and programs will be deactivated.

Of course, our detective agency performs a search for people by name and other data provided by the customer. Police will undertake to search for friends and acquaintances with whom ever lost contact, unless it is under a criminal connotation. The search for people perform professional detectives, who, using all available sources of information are able to locate the person having the most minimal information.
Find people by name - not an easy task, considering that in our country, an incredible amount of namesakes. To find one among the many specialists can detective agency "Conrad." They are looking for the phone database of people, addresses, trying to find traces that lead to the wanted man. After making a thorough collection of information, they are able to find a person, wherever he may be.
Tracing people - one of the main activities of the detective agency "Conrad." You can always contact us if you want to find a relative, friend, brother-soldier, friend, etc. We have available a database of inhabitants of many cities, by which we can perform an initial search.

If you know a person very little - his phone number or, for example, address, and we are ready to help with the search. Thanks to modern technology, to find a person by phone number or address is easy. In addition, it is possible to find the address on the phone, so if you need the coordinates of a person, you can always contact us. The database will allow a person to find the phone fast enough.

Of course, we offer you the opportunity to use specialized equipment - lie detector - to establish the veracity of the words of a man. Polygraph Testing is known worldwide for her to actively use a variety of security services, security services. The polygraph would accurately determine what has been said - true or false.

Contact the agency "Conrad", if you need professional help in the investigation of a case! We will be glad to help you!