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Zakarpattia Region

Private detective in the Zakarpattia Region

Private detective in the Transcarpathian regionSearch for relatives, the discovery of listening devices, surveillance - these and many other problems facing the detectives. They perform the work for which will never take the police to help citizens resolve difficult life situations.
Detective Agency "Conrad" in the Zakarpattia Region has successfully completed a number of cases. Among them was wanted men, and shadowing one of the spouses to see if he changes, and the calculation of a person on the phone. Over time, the agency acquired its many satisfied customers, has established itself as a reliable partner.

Do you think after you watch?

Today, at the age of high technology devices for wiretapping were very tiny. They are difficult to see with the naked eye, so that people can not even suspect that he is under surveillance. Bugs will regularly send criminals the information they need if they are not promptly detected.
Checking facilities foPrivate detective in the Transcarpathian regionr the identification of listening devices is performed by our specialists. If you want to check out your home or office in the presence of bugs, we will perform a thorough search and render harmless all of the devices. System-antiproslushka commissioned by us abroad, finds all bugs correctly.
Spyware can get the information they need, setting the wiretap on the phone. Confidential data relating to your work or personal life, do not fall into the hands of criminals, if you go to the agency, "Conrad", situated in the Carpathian region. Professional staff will be able to detect eavesdropping of mobile phones, fixed phones.

Do you suspect that you change?

Adultery - the reason why divorce happens in the overwhelming number of cases. And often the charges thereof, of the spouses have no grounds - only speculation, suspicion.
What is to be sure that you do not change my wife, please contact the agency, "Conrad." Treason husband will be disclosed or denied, you can be sure about the honesty of your wife. Betrayal of women, if she really was, to be confirmed by physical evidence - our detective will conduct photo and video surveillance, removing what does your wife on camera.
Photos and movies where the woman captured with another man while she told her husband that goes to her friend - best evidence is not found. What to do - keep the family together, or apply for a divorce, you decide.
Identification of betrayals of her husband is also popular in our agency. If you suspect that a man spends time with another woman, please contact us and we will help find out the truth. Test of loyalty will be more successful if you provide as much information about her husband.

You need to follow someone?

Private detective in the Transcarpathian regionPhotos and video surveillance can be carried out not only with respect to the wife or husband, who are suspected of treason, but also in relation to any other person. Surveillance for the wife, husband - this is only a small part of the treatment in our agency.
Your child is lost somewhere after school and you want to know whether he did not get into bad company? Refer to the detective agency, "Conrad", which is the location - Transcarpathian region, the detective will follow up your child, make pictures and tell you what the child when you are not around.
Do you doubt that your employees leaving the office "for" is really going to work, and not for personal reasons? Detective agency to help you figure out how to spend time employee.
Surveillance of a man is made in such a way that the object tracking will notice nothing. All the necessary moments captured on a photo or a video camera at the end of the report is provided in the pictures.
It happens that the employees are working the phone for other purposes. Surveillance of the phone will know when, where staff called and whether his call to work.

Need to find a man?

Private detective in the Transcarpathian regionFind people by name is made by our detectives at the request of customers. If you've ever parted with a dear person to you, we can find by the name of it, wherever he was. To search, we use a variety of information sources, such as looking at people's phone databases.
Even with very poor set of danyh of man, we were able to find it. First, we produce a collection of information about him to know the direction in which to work. Then, each viewed the existing database, searched reference to the wanted man.
Is another case - you know only the phone number or address of the person, but most of his you do not know. In this case, we can help you! The database will calculate the number of the person without difficulty, with our help you can quickly find a person by phone number. And if we know the number, you can get some other information - such as your phone is not difficult to learn.

It is necessary to distinguish truth from falsehood?

Our detective agency has the most modern devices, among them the lie detector. He correctly identifies when a person who is checking on the detector begins to lie. Polygraph Testing is famous for - its use in many countries.

Refer to the detective agency, "Conrad", we can help you!