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Zhytomyr region

Detective Agency - the guarantor of the quality of investigations for the residents of Zhytomyr region.

Detective Agency - the guarantor of the quality of investigations for the residents of Zhytomyr region.

In the regions of Ukraine, bordering the neighboring states, as a rule, there is increased migration. Is no exception and the Zhytomyr region, the northern boundary of which is the Republic of Belarus. And often, when people search needs, without the help of a detective agency can not do. Detective Agency "Conrad" will not only find out whether the desired person crossing the border, but people will be able to search by name, phone numbers of people on the bases or to determine the address of the phone. The need for such data occurs quite often. For example, this situation applies to the search for relatives who lost touch with and find a person named in Zhitomir, Zhitomir region, or even worse - Ukraine does not seem possible. Proprietary database of the agency, established channels and sources of information allow our agency to not only find a person by phone number as soon as possible, but also to search for the minimum requirements. However, one of the most popular services detective agency "Conrad" is to find debtors. Its popularity lies in the fact that the detective agency can not simply find a person, but to make restitution of the debt or property. To do this, apply surveillance of a person, surveillance, photographic surveillance, and even specific services such as checking Polygraph Agency, better known under the name "Lie Detector".

Detective Agency - the guarantor of the quality of investigations for the residents of Zhytomyr region.These same methods are used by detective agency "Conrad" and the problems connected with human life balance. One of the leading causes of divorce in the statistics of the Ukrainian citizens is adultery. And the reason for filing for divorce, adultery woman stands almost on a par with treason on the part of men. In case of suspicion that the husband (wife) changes, but will check on the loyalty to regain harmony in the relationship, if any, was not, or break the marriage bond, otherwise. When applying for the services of a detective agency "Conrad", our staff will be established for the servant's wife, husband, a telephone, in which the lover (lover) must be identified. If the surveillance subject's wife, cheating husband will be captured in a photo or video reports as well as to identify her husband's infidelity, and will be conclusive evidence of guilt of the other party.

There is a private agency "Conrad" resort not only private but also legal entities. Industrial espionage, to date, has become a powerful weapon in the competition, and the city of Zhitomir is not isklyucheniem.Uzhe no surprise situation, when the company introduced spies installed wiretapping bugs or mobile phones. In the arsenal of services detective agency "Conrad" There are special for such situations-for example, checking the premises to detect listening device with its subsequent deactivation, or else - "antiproslushka." When the telephone conversation in the company of man is subject to eavesdropping by outsiders, can easily leak information and trade secrets, the same can happen if the responsible person in the room is set scutes - surgical treatment of a detective agency "Conrad" will prevent the dire consequences, because the wiretaps to detect mobile phones or other devices is easy.

For business representatives will also be a useful service for the collection of information about future business partner. Private detective agency "Conrad" quickly would find all information relating to business principles that person, its financial transactions in a lifetime, and if necessary, his personal life.