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Alibi in family life

  (Offices in all regions of Ukraine)

Consulting Services

All matters relating to the need for an alibi client, as well as for any complex and non-life situations.

Providing an alibi for the day, evening and night.

In accordance with your needs, we develop and carry out various scenarios to provide alibis and excuses for your absence. (except in cases which are criminal in nature).
The service providing alibis can take various forms:

  • by telephone, instseniruya event of an emergency requiring your presence.
  • an invitation to take part in various activities of private or corporate, as well as an invitation to the various mass and social activities.
  • documentary evidence of your participation in conferences, seminars, meetings, etc. events.
  • documentary evidence of booking your air and rail journeys to travel on business trips (for pre-planned script).
  • Your presence at sporting events, concerts, fashion show, a visit to a beauty salon, fitness room or sports club or other public places (depending on your needs).

You can choose from our suggested scenarios, the most appropriate to your circumstances and needs.

We also offer a range of useful services, including gathering and providing you all the necessary materials related to those activities where you (allegedly) attended (or attended), according to the developed scenario for you.

Providing an alibi for a few days.

Development and implementation of a lack of script, depending on the needs and individual circumstances of the client.

From the usual business, documented (travel documents, travel permits to the mark, an account of hotels and restaurants, souvenirs of the city, where the scenario was a customer, etc.) to complex and multi-scenario.

Ensuring postalibi

In cases where you can not excuse for your absence, which has already happened and you need to take urgent action to remedy the situation.
Protecting the reputation and support.

Develop and implement a script to improve your reputation among friends and acquaintances.

Providing a virtual employment
Creating visibility of your employment on a full time or part-time.
Creating a visible point of your business separate from the use of all attributes: business cards, office and personal secretary, if necessary.

Rescue Service.

We are ready to help out of you at any time and save you from boring meetings or unnecessary to you, or other circumstances that need to reduce, suspend or cancel.
Contact us and at the right time you have (with our help), good reason not to free resenting others and not cause unnecessary suspicion.
Regular customers can be urgent assistance within hours after treatment.

Implementation of confidential assignments

Implementation of confidential letters, which are due to personal circumstances, you can not (or do not want) to live up to its own or with their subordinates, acquaintances, friends or relatives.



Alibi in family life