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Detective agency in Kiev services and prices on the example of one company

We had a unique chance to talk a little with Yuri, who has for nearly a decade, led by a detective agency "Conrad". This detective agency is currently one of the largest in the capital is not only our country, but also on the whole of its territory, and if you study the history of orders, you have to devote to it a long time. And it is this detective agency, we decided to take, as an example, to tell our readers what exactly the problem often faced by private detectives, how much time they spent on it and how much money is necessary to prepare the one who decides to use their services.

fotonablyudenieIn fact, very few of these organizations, both in Kiev and in principle in Ukraine. If we are talking of course about the agencies, which work really experienced detectives, ready to take responsibility for their work. Enough fingers of one hand, to list them. And that such agencies have all the necessary features to provide a really wide range of services. Of course, they have a place to be and very small offices, but, respectively, of such organizations is largely limited. You agree that it is hardly possible to do great things, having in your arsenal just a simple pair of binoculars and a camera. But with all this, every year in Ukraine there are more and more detective agencies to open their representative offices in the Internet, offering a variety of services to people. If we talk specifically about the detective agency "Conrad", there are only those investigators who have experience in law enforcement and the various security agencies. Although requests from the street comes a lot. But the manual carefully selects its staff by hiring all the other solely as assistants. There are times when a job even asked students aspiring to become a real detective and exhibiting all interest in this specialty. But as the long-term practice, only those employees who already have many years of service over their shoulders, can meet the requirements of a detective agency. This applies to police officers, former Grushnikov, SBUshnikov, who for many years engaged in the investigation carried out search. Only they make excellent technicians.
Simply put, in the detective agencies are increasingly working law enforcement officers, who currently already in retirement, or for whatever reason, had resigned from his job prematurely. And more often cooperate with detectives becomes for them a continuation started a career, but in some other commercial format. After all, employees of state law enforcement agencies retire early enough, and therefore still have a lot of strength for the service. Those employees who work on a regular basis, in fact, not so much. Most often, experts are selected according to the task facing the agency. But there are a variety of jobs. Some require the participation of only one employee, and some may require, and the whole team of specialists.

And every day the detective agency "Conrad" comes just a huge number of calls. Only one hour of our conversation with Yuri called him twice potential customers. And those goals and objectives facing the detectives are very different. For example, you may need to check the company's employees using the polygraph is necessary surveillance of an adulterer or an unfaithful wife, and someone may need to search for a stolen car or phone. Thus, we can say that the Ukrainian legislation there is a lot of different sensitivities in relation to detective activity. For example, without the consent of the person with it can not under any circumstances be interviewed using a lie detector.

For example, it may turn into a detective agency company in which the theft was carried out. And in this case it can be used to investigate several options. For example, you can spend fingerprinting to find out who could take part in the crime. But this method does not always practical in view of the fact that not always the thieves not discreet enough to leave his fingerprints. But the cost of this investigation is about two hundred and fifty dollars.

Another option is the investigation of the situation may be conducting a survey, during which considered a variety of options of what happened. And the advantage of this method lies in the fact that the initiative does not come from management, but from themselves as private investigators. After all, another problem is that companies are not rarely work the relatives and friends of CEOs that make it difficult to do even some speculation, not even the findings because it may result in a serious scandal. The cost of such an investigation should be above five hundred dollars. And that price always depends on the specific task.

lie detectorAnother option - is to conduct a survey using the polygraph. This method is just great, provided that is not very expensive, but it is incredibly robust as to deceive such a technique is very difficult and you need to have special training. The cost of this service depends on how many people would be interviewed at a time. But the average price is a half to two thousand hryvnia.

The process of the polygraph works is that a trained and certified staff to work with lie detector (usually having more education and a psychologist) provides connection to the human body interrogated about five - seven pressure sensors, as well as heart rate, sweating and other physiological indicators . After that, a person is usually asked a few simple questions, which he answers honestly and are easy to check. He says his name, last name, middle name, when and where he was born and lives now as well as many other similar questions. The machine records all parameters, remembering the reaction of the person during his questions and answers. And in whatever state you may be initially, the response of your body to be true, to an unknown and false information you will always be different. In short, the work of a polygraph is not a simple task and requires special training. There are some countries in which the polygraph evidence is enough to show a person charged. It turns out that this technique depends on the fate of many people. But of course, that it is very closely monitoring the accuracy of the equipment for which calibration is carried out, or how else it can be called "grinding". And it is one of the easiest methods to obtain reliable information, which can be carefully hidden.

Unbundled services of a detective agency is conducting surveillance, the cost of which is about three hundred dollars. All work is done by one crew, which includes two people, at least. This is necessary because one person can not physically constantly to monitor the object, constantly keeping everything under their scrutiny. As a result of this, the client will always be in Chur where, when, with whom and what makes seeing the object. His day will be painted by the minute. There will also be provided with all the photos and video recordings of the meetings of the object.

With the customer carried out the coordination of all the nuances of the work, including the day of observation. Normally, customers of this service are people who doubt the faithfulness of their husbands and wives. A lot of complaints come from those who have a hundred percent sure of the changes, but at the same time wants to get additional confirmation. It happens that this service is used by parents who want to monitor their children and protect them from the effects of a bad environment. Including received treatment from people who have been victims of robberies if they stole a car or a telephone, or theft made to the apartment or office. Even received treatment in the event of theft of credit cards. These services will cost the client not less than five hundred dollars. And the main problem with this is that people are just going for a long time to turn to the detective, and when it does, it has been held for a very long time. Even if just a week passed, then in this situation - it's too long time. If people are treated as soon as possible, then the problem would be solved with the least expenditure of time, money, and many others.

Practice shows that in recent years have received widespread theft of money is credit cards, and even when using the phone. Enough sometimes a thief to make just one single call for people to just list them with funds. But in this case, you do not just blame themselves for carelessness, but to go to the detectives with this problem. Especially in the first day of the fraud to return the money is much easier than to do that, even after two or three days. Such statements every day becomes more and more. And the cost of services and is not less than five hundred dollars. Detective agencies have failed to reveal the order of one-third of such crimes, as in the process of withdrawing money from an ATM is automatically photograph the culprit. If the transfer of funds has been made, the remaining details of the person who took the money. And it is precisely here efficiency plays an important role as the thief had not yet had time to use the money and throw your mobile phone. About thirty percent of all such situations fails to return the money. But if the crime victims were not late, this figure would be much higher.

Much less successful search takes cars. But again the reason also lies in the fact that people are not treated immediately, and sometimes even a month later, after they stole a car. In some cases, asked to search for other people who may be relatives, friends or just acquaintances. The cost of this service is at least two hundred and fifty dollars. And it is extremely difficult to do this kind of work, if one is presented too few data. If the information more, the search process is more intense.

There are cases when asked to find the animals. But this is no easy task, which rarely achieves the expected result. Although the cost of it does not change, because the work is still carried out the specialist.
In short, every day of Kiev residents are turning to private investigators with a variety of their difficulties and problems. Almost one-third of the callers becomes a client of the agency. Even come and night calls seeking to find a man who went on holiday and has not yet returned.

Talk about specific dates such tasks do not have to, because some of them may be in for a few hours while others require several months of work. But it is also the agency may refuse an assignment if the motives are not entirely clear rights. I have already had one example where the party came from the front of the ATO with the request to find the lover of his wife. When asked about why he did not, honestly replied that he wanted to tear his head off. Naturally, the detectives can not take part in such events. Their main task is to help their clients, without creating new problems. The more that is not uncommon detectives advised to file an application together and the police, which can also solve specific problems. It happens that the detectives opened or that an offense themselves make the call the police.

To the detective agency are of the opinion that the main problem is the lack of specific legislation in Ukraine that would regulate their work. This would allow greater advertise services of detectives. At a time when the country allows to observe other people, of course, that in the normal range, then the customer will be much greater because people will not be afraid to order such services, and detectives will be advertised openly.

This article was prepared Eugenia ThorBased on materials from the site - http://kyiv1.org/