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To escape required partner and 10 thousand dollars

On Wednesday, fifty six, Peter Miller, who is the former rector of the Academy of Tax and concurrently the former people's deputy, announced an international search. And if before his punishment was just house arrest, under the decision of Kiev Pechersk district court of his needs were taken into custody. The amount of bail was set at twenty-three million hryvnia. But ninth of August Miller managed to escape from his sister's home, which is located in the town of Irpen in the Kiev region, where he was serving his house arrest. At this point, Mr. Miller was suspected that he made in the extortion of forty and eighty thousand hryvnia against the parents of two students Tax Academy.

As we told the employee of the Kiev detective agency "Conrad" named Igor, given the fact that the house is not controlled by the outside, to escape under such circumstances it was not so difficult. It was enough to simply agree with some his assistant, who had just expect in a car near the house. And if we change the car after about a couple of blocks, you can consider himself completely free man. Naturally, that while investigators appreciate the current situation, it will take time. In this situation, even twenty minutes - a lot. The more that you need to pass more RAM. But in the case of this man took the police more specific time to make a field visit. The detective, who told us that the situation is a retired police lieutenant-colonel. He has extensive experience in criminal investigation. Therefore, all these details he knows from their own experience. And it was not difficult to understand how it could have escaped the former MP.

What you need to securely hide?

- This will require Jota to a single partner, and, of course, is not less than ten thousand dollars. That will be quite enough to stay afloat for at least one year. The best option would be living in some small town, it can be a village or even a regional center. Out of town, you can even just a car, which will have a window slabozatonirovany. Today there is no problem to rent an apartment on the internet. Mate will make the purchase of tickets, required products, and organizes insurance in those places where the need to show their faces to the documents. But a man like Peter Miller, even out of the country will not need to leave.

And he could flee abroad?

- To cross the border, rather take a train or bus. It is much easier, given the amount of work that make the border guards. Also, passengers are there almost always sleepy, and no one else watching. Therefore, using the passport of a friend and his glasses, it is not difficult to cross the border and escape. You can also "lose" a passport to three days to restore it, using a completely new photo. No one would look elsewhere strangers. Of course, a person can prevent stupidity, because of what it just strikes on base.

What most of these fugitives caught?

- They can not use their credit cards, documents, use the same mobile phone. It is important to make a change in appearance, image. The best way to grow a beard and mustache, and put on a non-optical glasses.
As usual, they hide it close to home or far away after all?

Our law enforcement agencies and do not use terms such as "near" or "far". A person can hide anywhere. It is of great importance exactly where he's hiding - in the city or in the village. Normally the village all about each other all know they are watching TV. Accordingly, even a district very quickly realize who you are and where. But in a city such as, for example, Dnipropetrovsk, nobody will be able to find.

But can some time hiding untrained person?

- Well actually now there unprepared. Just go online and you will receive all the necessary information.
Can the fugitive to communicate with relatives?- The safest option in this situation - is to stop all communication. Less secure is the transmission of information via courier, but still only in oral form. You can also make one-time purchase of cellular telephones, and after a call they should be destroyed, changing the place of his stay.

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