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The activities of the detective agency "Conrad" in Dnepropetrovsk and Dnepropetrovsk region.

The population of Dnepropetrovsk is the fourth largest after the capital of Ukraine, Kharkiv and Odessa. Every day people go down in the subway, go to work, exchange contacts, lose them and then try to find it. A person found in megacities - not an easy task. And often it is only by professionals, for whom the people wanted a regular job. If you are faced with the need to find a person by phone number, find a person by name or address is defined on the phone - a detective agency, "Conrad" is ready to offer their services in Dnepropetrovsk and Dnipropetrovsk region. To search can be any reason - whether it's search for relatives or swindlers - detective agency guarantees the confidentiality of information. But not only search for people by name or phone database of people in the competence of the detective agency "Konrad", a private investigator will, if necessary, arrange "accidental" meeting with the customer desired a man or vice versa - to help get his due.

People search can take place in a totally different perspective. For example, a husband suspects his wife of infidelity and wants to know who is a lover. He wants to get a divorce, cheating woman will appear as the main reason. In this case, the detective agency "Konard" will have a service called "test of loyalty," which resulted in the question of "changing a wife and with whom?" Will be closed. This service includes methods such as surveillance of a person (wife, husband), surveillance, as well as photo and video surveillance, and materials which are provided as a report. With this approach, for whatever precautions or recourse wife, cheating husband will be found. So - not far off a divorce, cheating wife has always been and will be a compelling reason to do so.

Often, and vice versa - the man did not need to look for it there. The problem in the other - to find out is that this person actually wants to appear how. For example, if you suspect that a maid or a home cook, dishonest, or a babysitter mistreating a child. In this case, could help a service detective agency "Conrad" called "Polygraph test". Lie detector, otherwise called a device that will give a clear definition - guilty or not. But better, of course, make use of agency staff before taking on the job - a thorough collection of information about a person is able to avoid unpleasant consequences. This service is useful not only to individuals but also the whole enterprise, and Dnipropetrovsk region is famous for its developed industry - because of ignorance of the staff may be enlisted spies. This means that the leak is provided: customer database can easily migrate into the hands of competitors, set in the right places bugs will announce their trade secrets and spying on the phone will track the movement of the lead manager, enclosing a big deal. To avoid this, detective agency conducted periodic checks of premises to identify the listening device. If the result of it was discovered the bug, or have found tapping mobile phones, set a special "antiproslushka," and from that moment the telephone conversation the person or business meeting will take place without the involvement of the ears of others.

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