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Detective agency in the city of Novomirgorod

Employees of a private detective agency in the city of Novomirgorod of the Kirovograd region should never be warned about the need to preserve confidential information obtained during an investigation. We perfectly understand the full degree of scrupulousness of some of the tasks assigned to us. Moreover, among our clients there are quite famous people. And in this case, special attention is required to the safety of information. Also, in addition to maintaining all secrecy, we are not afraid to tackle issues that sometimes seem insoluble. To a greater extent, this is due to the fact that all the employees of our agency are real professionals, whose qualifications were secured by many years of work in law enforcement agencies. And this allows us to work not only with individuals, but also with corporate clients. It is quite difficult to list the entire list of our services, since some tasks arise in the process of work.

There are times when people turn to us first to identify spousal infidelity, and then the need arises for the help of a qualified psychologist in order to maintain relations between spouses or to help build relationships between parents and minor children. But also, if as a result of our fidelity check, it became known that your wife really has a lover, then you can also use a service such as DNA testing to make sure that your common children have a relationship with you. Of course, many are trying to independently monitor the phone of a husband or wife in order to detect the fact of treason. But in most cases, this does not bring the proper result, because people lack the necessary experience in solving such issues. Plus, emotions often fail if suspicions turn out to be true. We will not only provide the whole truth about the double life of your soulmate, but will provide you with all the facts so as to minimize the risk of psychological trauma. In any case, you can file for divorce due to infidelity at any time, but not everyone is able to do everything to save your marriage.

We will help your business

Today, in the business world, special attention is paid not only to improving the quality of services or goods and attracting as many customers as possible. But also many market players are going to collect information about their competitors, partners, employees, and often this is against the law. Of course, we also help our clients to check their potential partners in order to protect against the conclusion of contracts with scammers or, in principle, dubious persons. But all our actions are determined exclusively within the law. Plus, we provide information security for our customers. Just our actions in this direction are aimed at protecting the company from trusting us from the penetration of spies. For this, a number of activities are used, one of which is a polygraph test of the team. Moreover, we do not use typical tests, but prepare an individual survey and verification, depending on the specific situation. And it is worth noting that it is very effective to use a lie detector at the interview stage. But at the same time, it is important not to forget that the bugs in your office can be installed by other people, and not just those who work for you. Therefore, their search is also an indispensable tool. Moreover, checking the premises for the detection of listening devices should be a periodic procedure.

Well, what detective agency does not conduct a search for people. Naturally, we are no exception. But unlike many of our colleagues, we are not only looking for people who are missing, but we can also help you find a person by last name with whom time has simply separated you. We can also search for relatives with whom you may have never met for some reason.

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