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Check the image of a child's life

(offices in all regions of Ukraine)

Children - this is our everything!

We Holim and cherish them, but sooner or later, inevitably comes a time when we have to release them in a separate voyage. They go out of our control, they appear secrets, secrets, its own territory. And that's OK.

But only until their «territory» does not appear drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other harmful habits. However, to distinguish them, at times, it is not so easy: today's youth are well taught to lie and shift, hide their actions.

If you have reason to suspect a child are not very good or you do not like his surroundings, or you simply want to make sure that it is OK, then you need to use our service to verify the lives of children. We quietly, unnoticed for a child, not humiliating his dignity, perform surveillance of his life. By identifying the terms of its communication and interests.

Needless to say, received in the course of such monitoring information will never go outside of our agency. Confidentiality is guaranteed!


Test mode of life of children

TRK "Kyiv" program "Special Forces" of the Detective Agency "Conrad"