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The search for people to find a person

(offices in all regions of Ukraine)

Our detective agency as one of the core activities of providing services to search, search people, including those who are missing, owed a large sum of money is hidden from you for other reasons or whose whereabouts are not known.

We have enormous experience in this field. Through our efforts, not just one happy family has been restored. For more than ten years of practice, we have helped to return home, many children escaped. We also provide services to find the debtor and recover from the debt.

Searching for people is not always included in the jurisdiction of law enforcement agencies. But in cases where the law provides for investigation, operatives, because of their busy or for some other reasons, are not always able to help in tracing a missing person.

At the same time, our detective agency ensures that deploy all efforts to find the desired subject.

Searching for people

TRK "Kyiv" program "Special Forces" of the Detective Agency "Conrad"