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Identikit drawing

  (Offices in all regions of Ukraine)

Every fan knows about the detectives identikit. But only the professionals know how difficult it is to make composite sketch. But if not ...

The experience of workers investigation, an important part of crime investigation is the correct preparation of photo-robot

Identikit used to create portraits of crime suspects or missing people, predicting possible changes in the exterior of the criminal and the further use of composite picture of the wanted list.

Specialists Detective Agency "KONRAD" professionally amount sketch of man in one day.

  •  easy and rapid production of composite picture;
  •  correction exterior elements (size, rotation, free transform);
  •  correction and change of position on the screen of each of the paired elements of the exterior alone;
  •  correction and change of position on the screen element of the exterior with mouse;
  •  possibility dorisovki individual features in manual mode;
  •  preservation of the finished composite picture or a stage of his preparation for any type of media, with a subsequent load and work with him;
  •  input received identikit and related information in the database with an option to search for the automated identification database



Identikit drawing

Identikit drawing