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Legal aid

  (Offices in all regions of Ukraine)

Under the current bureaucratic system and dynamically changing legislation, a person faced with the need to protect their rights and interests, to understand it is sometimes extremely difficult.

Where can I go? What are the laws used? What tactics and line of defense to elect? One false step could lead to the loss of the case. Our lawyers, based on analysis of documents relevant to the case, assess the prospects of different ways to protect your rights as a pretrial settlement of the dispute and the trial. We defend the interests of both the plaintiff and defendant, we help our client to form a legal position that would win the case or reach an amicable agreement on favorable terms for our client.

Our lawyers and attorneys:

  • Give both oral and written legal advice
  • Help you prepare the legal and procedural documents to various authorities (complaints, petitions, writs, petitions, claims, agreements, contracts, requests, etc.)
  • Represent your interests in various institutions, organizations and government agencies, including the courts,
  • To take part in negotiations with third parties for the Customer
  • Will assist in gathering the necessary documents and evidence.

We will assist you on:

  • Housing law, including on the protection of the rights-holders;
  • Family law, including, for drawing up marriage contracts, property;
  • Inheritance law, including the recognition of ownership by inheritance, was a challenge of wills;
  • Tax law;
  • Collection of debts;
  • Penalty fines for overdue obligations;
  • Compensation for harm caused to health;
  • Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation;
  • Labor law;
  • Criminal law.



Legal aid