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A former CIA official told the U.S. for spying on the world


The competition is not only in business but also in any other sphere. Thus, it did not escape the fate of the emergence of competition and the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange. A former employee of the Central Investigative Agency of the United States Edward Snowden, who is only twenty-nine years to share some information with reporters of such newspapers as The Washington Post and The Guardian, and also talked about the fact that in the world there is some supernatural program "Prism» (PRISM) . The purpose of this program is to carry out the collection of information about users of the global network. Moreover, the information comes directly from servers located in nine of the largest companies in the world: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, PalTalk, AOL, Apple.

In accordance with the information provided to you by Snowden, the very first company to provide access to data analysts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as the National Security Agency, is the company Microsoft, which is also currently owns Skype.

This information did not deny, and the head of the National Intelligence of the United States, James Clapper, recognizing that indeed the authorities have access to data about users, but only for those who are not citizens of America. That is, they justify it by the fact that the information is used solely for the purpose of national security and protect their nation from a very wide range of the most diverse threats. But other companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Yahoo all have openly declared that he did not have one clue about such a program and all the data about their users to reveal only in the event that this does require legislation of the country. But it was written in The Guardian, there are certain secret court orders, one of which was prescribed one of the largest mobile operators in the US Verizon to provide data about the negotiations that take place clients in the past three months. On the one hand, of course, complied with the letter of the law in the formal sense. But that's only there is no guarantee that such an order does not exist, and for various other companies.

Tired of the lies

The fact is that Snowden himself expressed a desire to tell all that he knows about it. To talk to him by journalists from The Guardian, which he explained his action by the fact that, in his opinion, is simply unacceptable to make such a gross and blatant interference, even special services, in the privacy of people. In the words of a young man, he just knew that causes much more damage with his work than the benefits people. Currently Snowden is located in Hong Kong and at the same time asking for political asylum in any country, which in his words will give him the freedom in which she believes, as well as in the country in which all oppose such a breach of full privacy of any person . Currently Snowden lives in one of the hotels, of course, that the name is not disclosed.

At the moment, the United States has not put forward any accusations against him. But, as the lawyers say it as long as it is only a matter of short time. He is a traitor, which is dangerous for the country. That's what this situation is now said Peter King, who is a member of the House of Representatives of the United States of America and the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Terrorism and Intelligence and the Committee on National Security.

How is spying us

According to experts, the Ukrainians may be perfectly calm in this regard. We have a lot harder to get to your personal information, as opposed to the Americans, as well as in Russia. To obtain, for example, access to the correspondence carried on the Internet, law enforcement authorities should submit a formal request to your ISP. But in Russia and in the US such documents are not needed. There's this process is automatic, you just get permission from the court. In Ukraine, in the automatic mode can only be handed over to traffic data, the perfect mobile subscribers, that is information about who and what kind of calls made as well as information about the content of SMS messages. But even in this case, are urgently needed court approval. It is also impossible to obtain this information retroactively. Everything is built in such a way that everyone who comes to the mobile operator server, simply can not leave Shobi nology or chronology. And of course, that each such request must necessarily be underpinned by a court decision that will easily give reason for the action and interest. If the access will not have such permission, all this is very simple to trace the chain of people who made such a request. All this is explained to us the head of the detective agency "Conrad" Yuri Conrad.

Dmitry Gaumont

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