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Who are we?


Detective agency "CONRAD"

The staff of our agency "KONRAD" consists of former law enforcement officers. Our employees are professionals in various fields: lawyers, psychologists, criminologists, polygraph specialists with knowledge of physiognomy, graphology experts in various fields of science, engineering, technology, and authoritative experts in the field of economic expertise and other innovative ways. Operational staff who have extensive experience in operational law enforcement units that can work more efficiently.

Why we're better law enforcement?
Nothing. Can not be better to state authorities, which are "specially trained people" have all the powers. We solve several different tasks and using different methodologies. Unlike the government, we concentrate our efforts on the specific situation, regularly reporting to the customer. A close cooperation and collaboration with law enforcement, tax, judicial, gives a result that ultimately satisfy the customer.

Pluses in the private detective:

  • Appeal to the private investigator can help you gather the necessary information to, or withdraw from your husband's suspicions, or transfer the suspicion into certainty;
  • All work will be done by professionals, and, accordingly, secrecy is guaranteed, ie about your confidence no one will know;
  • You will find information to do with his wife, respectively, will not be a sea of blood and other artistic extravagance;
  • You will have time to cool down and make an informed decision;
  • If necessary, a private investigator may gather information for the court, which is especially important if you have signed a marriage contract, and his literate termination requires at least circumstantial evidence of guilt of the spouse;
  • And more, more, more - there is no limit to perfection.


  • Unfortunately, the private detective services are not cheap to work on your comfort or for confirmation of your suspicions with your take of the 250 conventional units or more;
  • There are detectives who pretend to do his job, and actually just take the money;
  • You can spill the beans about what appealed to the detectives, and then you can not avoid the scandal.

Where do we work?
Detective Agency "KONRAD" operates as the territory of Kiev and the Kiev area and throughout Ukraine, as well as in the world. The presence of extensive foreign relations with existing private detectives and detective agencies in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia can remotely resolve many problems of our clients, and, if necessary - for our detectives to travel to these countries. The cost of operations in Ukraine does not depend on the region.