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Interview: "Profession private detective Insights"

The conversation took place with Sergei Petrov, who runs a private detective agency "Conrad" in the city of Kharkiv. He told me about all the intricacies of this difficult profession - "private eye." Our portal has decided to find out the answers to all the questions in this area firsthand. 

 «Allsecurity.info»: tell us how much today, detective services are in demand and are in Ukraine at all?

Sergey Petrov: By and large, enjoy. And with each passing day more and more. This profession is becoming more popular. Of course, many things connected with the crime situation in the country. But it is possible that people are becoming more advanced in this matter. Nonimayut that can be trusted only to professionals, as has long been done in the West. 

«Allsecurity.info»: Exactly how your activity is regulated in terms of legislation, given that the specific law "On detective work" is not accepted in our country?

SP .: Yes, at this point of the law is not in principle. But we are still working on the principle - which is not forbidden is allowed. We are registered as individual entrepreneurs. But there are no other options for registration in our country - it is not our fault. And the more specific options simply do not exist yet. We are registered as private entrepreneurs, provide legal and many other services. For us in our work, the main leadership of the Constitution, the Criminal Code of Ukraine, as well as many of the laws "On operative-search activity."

«Allsecurity.info»: Is it true that some of the detective agency in Ukraine at the moment are operating under the auspices of Russian? And it is why they went this way?

SP .: Just answer this question, I can not. It is possible that this is just somehow connected with the exchange of experiences. 

«Allsecurity.info»: Is it possible to get somewhere in the profession of private detective?

SP .: While there is no such school. There are special schools in Russia, but they also legislation regulates these issues.

«Allsecurity.info»: That is, it turns out that at the moment all the employees of detective agencies for the most part - a former law enforcement officers? Or run the detective can totally anyone?

SP .: To what extent can any. But most of all - it really is former law enforcement officers or other government security agencies, who have the skills of investigative and operational work. The main activity of the detectives is to conduct operational work, helping people to conduct any necessary research. Naturally, if a person does not have certain skills, it just will not work in this direction and do their work at the proper level. 

«Allsecurity.info»: And what kind of equipment you use in your work? Can you tell us more about this?

SP .: Fortunately or unfortunately, but we have a set of spies. We use the most ordinary and simple equipment that is allowed on the territory of Ukraine. This can be a camera or a video camera, but no more. 

«Allsecurity.info»: And you're using this simple equipment can monitor various objects?

SP .: The fact is that by and large we do not conduct surveillance and monitor a room. We can not get into the personal lives of people. Accordingly, we do not do this. And just hold those activities that are not prohibited by law. What is shown in the movie. It's not about us. We are not to peep in the room and watching the people at heart. Life of every person is inviolable, including private detectives. And if you've watched our services, it is very versatile. We will certainly be able to find a solution to the problem of everyone who turns to us for help. But this we will never break the law. It's against our rules, no matter how much we offered customers. For example, if a woman speaks to us, which suspects her husband of infidelity. We simply ask that interested her. She says that interest in the people he meets and where. In this case, we just keep track of the object and if it really gives a reason, then fix the data in the photo or video.

«Allsecurity.info»: And the investigation related to the identification of infidelity are the most common services?

SP .: In principle, yes. This is one of the most common. Nor less demand search for missing relatives. There are situations where the police simply because of some specific reasons can not help people, then we are involved in this process. To this end, we provide as much information as possible. But sometimes that can only give very little information about the person. 

«Allsecurity.info»: And what made the process of finding people?

SP .: And that is where the maximum and applied techniques of private investigation. We actively use in their work the social network, taking advantage of their availability. Often criminals believe that the detectives are classified as retarded people, what is very much mistaken. 

«Allsecurity.info»: And what exactly distinguishes this private detective on whom we used to see in the movie?

SP .: In fact, in all the movies show very simple. You can understand in advance that the director wanted to say, and what might happen in the next scene. They are very easy to install a bug, or find out where the person at a particular time. We can not use such methods. 

«Allsecurity.info»: Will there be any radical change after the law is adopted in Ukraine?

SP .: If such a law will be adopted in our country, we can officially import and use of certain types of equipment, we will be able to obtain a license and calm enough to use them. Therefore, of course, changes occur. 

«Allsecurity.info»: you take an advance payment for his work, or any other options?Take .:

SP. Usually it is half the cost of the order, because it is necessary to pay the gasoline, and sometimes there are other costs. 

«Allsecurity.info»: What is the average cost of your services?.

SP: fifty dollars. There are orders that can be done without even getting up from the table. But there is a job that can require significant expenditures and. For example, at the moment we do business, which is related to the search for relatives. And in this regard we have to go around a lot of different places to make the collection of necessary information. Accordingly, it is more expensive. 

«Allsecurity.info»: How do you find clients? How do you advertise your services?

SP .: While in our country is not a law, we can not advertise about their services. The only thing we have is a website. But also those who have already worked with us, bring new customers recommend us to them. 

«Allsecurity.info»: What can you say about carrying weapons?

SP .: This is all individually and depends on whether there is permission from the investigator to carry a weapon. We do not, as in the movies, when a detective chasing a criminal, a shooting and delay it. In this respect, we are a bit easier and more primitive. Our work is characterized by the fact that all actions are performed silently and sometimes completely invisible to anyone. 

«Allsecurity.info»: Is it possible to simultaneously work in law enforcement and being a private detective?

SP .: It can not be, because law enforcement officials already have their own responsibilities. And moonlighting is simply not appropriate. 

«Allsecurity.info»: What can you say about your co-operation with law enforcement agencies? It is appropriate?

SP .: Of course. They come to us, that would use our services, we have to them to take advantage of their opportunities. But all of our employees are at the same time exclusively within the right-field without breaking the job descriptions and legislation. We have a free schedule, we can work around the clock. 

«Allsecurity.info»: And tell us more about the All-Ukrainian organization of private detectives? What is it?

SP .: We enter into this association, and to some extent even cooperate with them. For example, if we have an order in the Lviv region, we will contact the partner of the association, if they can help us some information that we need from them. Naturally, they will give it to us. 

«Allsecurity.info»: And you have a private investigator's license?No .

SP. This is like in the movies, as we began to talk. 

«Allsecurity.info»: A legal advice can you get?

SP .: Yes, it is one of our services. It is simply impossible to be in this profession without being a lawyer. We need to know all the details, to avoid breaking the law. 

«Allsecurity.info»: Was your practice some particularly interesting case?

SP .: Yes, there was a situation where the two shared between the spouse of the child. The husband appealed to our detective agency, so we can help him find his wife and child after she ran away from him. We found her in the Crimea, as she tried to flee abroad, trying to take the child. Child just simply hide from his father. We found them and gave him the address where they are. 

«Allsecurity.info»: A girl you take to work?

SP .: Yes, but they mostly work as assistants to provide cover if necessary. For example, when we do the job where there is a need to conduct surveillance, in this case it is easier to work in pairs. Few would suspect a guy with a girl. 

«Allsecurity.info»: And you are satisfied with your work? Do you feel you are doing something very significant for the society of their country?

SP .: Speaking Without big words, then - yes.

Interviewed Denga Oksana

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