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Drawing a family tree

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Today, increased interest in the history of his family, the family name it is based on three basic, objective reasons and factors.

First, today we are building is actually a new democratic, a free society, for which historically the main attribute is the freedom of information, freedom of knowing the world and himself, the freedom of access to many archival documents. Hence, the natural urge citizens to research their ancestral roots, as the process including and free learning about the world and himself. Simultaneously, the state benefit the development of people in terms of patriotism and loyalty to their homeland, which is a product of the same ancestral knowledge, when the memory of ancestors, a study of their lives and gives reason to investigate his native land, which in turn revives the sense of careful attitude to its history, customs and traditions.

The second reason is economic. With the emergence of a class of owners in the country there is a need to know clearly the degree of relationship between relatives for equitable division of property. And the establishment of the degree of kinship between all branches of the clan can only practical genealogy, genealogy research. In addition, the restorative processes in Ukraine began to move, at least in part of the discussion in society about the right to have offspring and to dispose of their own ancestors. And that could lead to each additional good material dividends. Well, the very knowledge of the history of its kind incomparable capital, capital growth of personal identity and the development of man's inner world.

Finally, the reason social: today increased the value and role of the family. And for family development and prosperity of an important element is to educate present and future generations.

Moreover, and this should clarify for everyone, there is a deep practical knowledge of the appointment of descent if we laid the particle and the genes of past generations, having studied and researched them, we can understand their own nature, their own natural resources and the potential for further use their positive aspects in life. As written, once one of the ancient sages "To know her lineage, you learn his fate."

Age Nepomnyaschikh kinship banish with the Soviet Union. At that time, it was advantageous to manipulate a man without roots and family affections. We understand that to know the history of a sort - that means to restore the lost connection to time, to enlist the support of the family to become closer to each other and, eventually, get to know themselves, and perhaps to understand its purpose. After all, your desire to paint or play music may be the "voice of blood" praprababushki - the famous artist or a great-grandfather - a brilliant pianist. In addition, psychologists believe: the personal problems of your great-great-relatives have a direct impact on your destiny, to relations with the opposite sex, to interact with life itself. And they can be solved, only knowing how to live your family fifty, a hundred and more years ago. Interestingly, right? Want to know more? Then - go for it!

And what could be more interesting, important and beautiful for a healthy attitude found in the ancient archives of the traces of their ancestors and feel at this and feel the unbreakable link between generations of his family, his family, its historical name and its direct link with the history of their homeland, the land of their ancestors !.

It is important to understand that if in the past appeared in the genealogy of the practical activities of people because of the real needs of the formalization of the place of individuals in the social hierarchy, in order to obtain the various ranks and land holdings, today genealogy research - is the most important form of knowledge of the world and the most themselves. The ancient sages said that without knowledge of the past can not be future. Therefore, the increased interest in the investigation of his ancestry is also a measure of maturity thinking man, the rate of its development and growth of intellectual, spiritual and moral principle.




Drawing a family tree