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The recruitment of certain specialist

Luring professionals competitors - this is a normal state of affairs in today's business. But not every employee is willing to go to such a "betrayal". Our task is to identify what may cause a transition person in your company, and how to use this information to your advantage. As far as he is loyal to to change jobs, and already especially if this involves moving to another city or country. And in this case we are ready to take on all the work. Not only to gather the necessary facts, but also bring the matter to the moment when you do not sign a new employment contract employee. And on the employee you do not have to spend their time and money for his education.

The recruitment of certain specialistThe advantage of recruiting specialists from other companies is that they are guaranteed to have the necessary work experience you have, as opposed to employees hired "off the street". Thus, the problem posed by you will be resolved on the first day of the new employee. And of course, it is also saves you from the fact that the new employee allow those or other errors that can cause serious damage to your company. As practice shows, very often, these experts do not just go for yourself, but also "take away" their customer base, accumulated over years of work in the competition. Accordingly, you get not only a great professional but also new customers for your business with him, as well as the already proven methods and strategies.
Get together with a new expert on the work of your competitors. This will not only give you an edge in the job, but also to a large extent will weaken their own position. And we will try to find an employee who will not only differ in their professional qualities, but also be willing to share the necessary information.

If you still do not know what kind of specialist you need to address those or other problems, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your company and define the criteria and qualities that should have your new employee. And in accordance with the data obtained will continue to work towards finding the specialist. It is possible that the desired people already working in your company, but not at the office to which he would bring you much more benefit to the maximum of their resources and capabilities.

Search for your company

The success of any modern enterprise depends not only on good governance and planning, but in many ways and from professionals who work in this company. That's just find those bright minds that will fully meet the requirements of a company, as practice shows, is quite difficult. Most likely, those who so requires, already working at your competitors or partners. It is possible that many of them realize their potential in the other country. But if you are right now on this website, you can be sure that your problem is already at the design stage. It remains only to its employees to voice our detective agency, are engaged in the search, selection, recruitment, and other action to ensure that your company's team added the best staff and experts in their field, no matter what industry you develop your business.

Search for specific criteria

Give us the requirements that you must meet the required staff and we will search for such a person, no matter what city or country he or she lives and works. And here we can talk not only about some professional qualities, but also certain personal characteristics - gender, age, marital status, religious or political views, and more. Naturally, to find a man fully responsible to multiple demands on their own is difficult. But this task is accomplished by us.